Chris Hamer – Border Paintings, Bankley Studios

On the Gorton border the runoff from the carwash stains the pavement by a fence that has collapsed. Over the A6 the broken stones are rearranged nightly, bridging the floodwater in the space of the tunnel after it rains. Time seems to be patchy around here, and can alter strikingly from one street to the next: it can be the time of the city, sometimes of the suburbs, sometimes it has a more rural quality. This temporal jumble can come into my studio, where water dries in washes, or crusts on the canvas- these works are mostly produced by the paint itself. I am more visible, as an author, when I leave tracks on the surfaces with a finger or with a brush. The contrast between these two means of applying paint allows processes of personal memory, and a more collective accumulation of material processes on the surfaces around the area to enter my practise. On installing this exhibition various works are left flat on the table by the window. Slowly the view from the project space begins to interact with the surfaces and structures outside and so returns them partly to the ruined fabric of Levenshulme, and in doing so questions their completion.

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