The Precarious University


The Precarious University addressed questions concerning the commodification and privatisation of education, gentrification, social exclusion, and public art.

It was part of the Chorlton Arts Festival.

Saturday 21st May, 7pm, (Starting from) the Royal Oak pub, 440 Barlow Moor Rd, M21 0BQ

Dérive through the historic public houses of Chorlton

Inspired by the psychogeography of Guy Debord, this event situated the pub crawl as a form of experimental behaviour resistant to the present conditions of urban society.

Sunday 22nd May, 12pm – 3pm, Symposium: ‘Towards a New Concept of the Art School’, at ‘World’s Smallest Sculpture Garden’, 4 Corkland Rd, Chorlton, M21 8UT

This symposium was a critical discourse on the art school’s history and potential, and sought to construct a radically open and popular concept of the art school for the 21st Century. The sculpture garden was open to visitors throughout the day

Sunday 22nd May 4pm, Seminar: ‘Conditions of Class in Manchester’, The Beech’ pub, 72 Beech Rd, M21 9EG

This seminar raised questions concerning Manchester’s spectacular gentrification and the ways in which artists and art educators have responded. Readings for this event are available at

All events where free


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The Precarious University is a collaboration between Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre: and (

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